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The Longshore Difference

It's one thing for a company to highlight the perfect story on its website. It's another to show you what happens when things go wrong.

As a businessperson, you realize that not everything in the world-whether it's the industry or your morning coffee-runs smoothly every day of your life.

So, you can rest assure that no matter what happens, Longshore will take care of you in any situation. Here is an example of when something went wrong and what we did to fix it.

Back in our early days, our fledgling firm produced its first toy for Jumbo, one of the oldest and finest toy companies in the world. This project meant a lot to us. Everything seemed to be going to plan as we filled the order and shipped it off to Europe.

Then we received the call. The permanent decals on the product, most likely through humidity on the voyage from Hong Kong to the Netherlands, unexpectedly peeled off each toy.

Jumbo, working against a product rollout, called us. We responded immediately:
  1. We told Jumbo that their problem was our problem
  2. We assured Jumbo that Longshore would remedy the situation in time for the marketplace
  3. Our staff was on their way to the Netherlands within 24 hours
  4. Our people fixed every single item, and Jumbo's product was ready for its customers right on time
At Longshore, we stand by our products and we stand by you. You are a part of The Longshore Difference.
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